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Thank you for taking the time to consider hiring me as your doula!

​No matter how you choose to give birth, my goal is for you and your family to feel supported, listened to, and empowered in your birthing experience.

Labour & Birth Support Package $825- sliding scale available

What is included in the Labour & Birth Support package?


Birth Preparation (Two Sessions)

Together with your birth partner, we explore

  • your personal birth wishes 

  • how the options available to you at either home or in hospital can help to support your birth wishes

  • your history in regards to pregnancy and birth, and ways to support you so that this upcoming labour and birth can go differently or similarly

I also offer 

  • current evidence-based information to help answer your questions about labour, birth and postpartum, so that you can make informed choices throughout your birth and postpartum period

  • to teach your birth partner counter pressure pain relief techniques to help relieve you during labour

  • to help you and your partner create a postpartum support plan to support your healing while you nourish and care for your baby

Labour & Birth Support

I will 

  • be on call 24/7 for the week surrounding your due date 

  • remain with you, once called, for the entire labour and birth

  • offer emotional support to both you and your birthing partner throughout the labour

  • offer physical support, massage, and counter pressure pain relief techniques during the birth

  • offer evidence based information as requested during the birth to both you and your birthing partner so you can continue to make decisions that work for you

  • stay for an hour following the birth (if needed) to support you with breastfeeding 

Postpartum (Two Sessions at your convenience)

​During these sessions I will

  • offer breast feeding support, including techniques to help with latch and supply

  • check in on your well being, and offer comfort measures (including belly binding if session is five days after your birth)

  • hold space for you to talk about your birth experience, and offer you referral resources (including counselling, pelvic floor physio, massage etc) if needed

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