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“Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through birth."

—Marcie Macari

Labour and Birth Doula

As a doula, I strive to support women and birthing people to feel safe, connected to their strength, and empowered in their birth choices.


About Me:
I am a ceramic artist, and also work as an individual and couples counsellor. 


In the past few years, my therapeutic work has included supporting women and trans folk to understand and heal from birth trauma. I felt called to birth work as I heard stories of times in which people yearned for more support during their labour and birth, and as I learned about the positive impact of hiring a doula for both birth outcomes and postpartum healing.

Home or Hospital?
I offer my doula services in both home and hospital settings. I work for you, and not your doctor or midwife. I am open and welcoming to all expectant parents, including LGBTQ2 folks and teens.


Doula Training:

I am currently finishing certifying as a Birth & Labour Doula with Doula Canada. My training has included:

  • the physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth-

  • alternative pain management techniques

  • support for the emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth

  • ways to encourage healing through diet and care in the early postpartum weeks

  • resources and support for returning to intimacy and sex after birth

  • breastfeeding support and resources


Depending on your preference, I can provide virtual or socially distant prenatal and postpartum visits, and in-person labour support at your home or hospital. I will wear Personal Protective Equipment and practice proper hand hygiene to keep your family and my family safe.


Privacy Commitment
It is my personal and professional goal to maintain your well-being and privacy throughout our time together.  I conduct my professional doula services in a confidential and ethical manner.  This continues even after you are no longer in need of my services.

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